An open letter to Active-Duty Military Members, Retired Military, and Veterans from the Dunafon-Roberts Campaign:

As Mike and I travel throughout Colorado, we have had the pleasure of meeting many of our current and former military service members. We would like to thank you for your service and your commitment to the foundation of our country. As a former service member, I know the sacrifices that you and your family make and we appreciate all you do.

Over 420,000 veterans make Colorado their home. While some veterans face more challenges than others when making the transition from the military to the civilian sector, our military veterans are a tremendous asset to our state. We understand that former military members may need additional assistance when it comes to health care, housing, and employment and we intend to ensure that veterans have the access to the resources that will provide them value.

There are many honorable organizations in the state of Colorado that serve our former service members. With Mike Dunafon as Governor, a centralized resource of all such organizations will be created for easy access by veterans. In addition, a grading system for those organizations will be created, ensuring our veterans that they are working with organizations that have a proven track record.

The resource will group organizations by their missions, so that a veteran looking for assistance with housing, for example, will easily find a grouping of relevant organizations and their contact information.

We believe that access to information is one of the most crucial resources our veterans can have.

Employment continues to be a challenge for our veterans, even as Colorado is consistently recognized nationally for its economic growth. Many veterans seek to open their own business and the military provides very good entrepreneurial training during the transition assistance process. With Mike Dunafon as Governor, the state of Colorado will continue that transition assistance by supporting programs that teach veterans the business fundamentals necessary to successfully run their own business. Helping veterans become entrepreneurs is beneficial to the state’s economy and to our veteran community as a whole.

Access to appropriate health care options is essential to our military veterans, and is not always a convenient option depending upon geographical location in our state. With Mike Dunafon as Governor, the Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs will make access to health care a priority for all veterans living in our state. The Department will increase its advocacy and communication with veterans and veteran’s organizations, and enlist the help of those necessary to ensure that no option for the care of our veterans is overlooked.

We understand that veterans have unique skill sets that cannot be taught in college, and cannot be learned in an office. They also, however, have unique challenges that stem from their stringent job duties and diverse work assignments. With Mike Dunafon as Governor, we will seek to help veterans capitalize on their unique skills while helping them gain access to the resources that will address their challenges. Finally, veterans in the state of Colorado will know that their state leadership appreciates their service, the sacrifice of their families, and the fact that they have chosen to make Colorado their home.

In liberty,

Robin J. Roberts