About Robin J. Roberts

A Small Business Champion for Colorado

Robin Mike shaking“Helping small businesses flourish in Colorado is crucial, and I’m thrilled that Robin Roberts will be my Lt. Governor running mate this November 4th. With a myriad of challenges faced by entrepreneurs today, who better than an award-winning and proven champion for small business, as my Lt. Governor running mate?” said Mayor Mike Dunafon.

“I’ve been following Mike’s liberty campaign for a while now, and today I’m honored to be joining forces with someone that I regard as having one of the most original and timely new voices for liberty in American politics,” said Ms. Roberts.

“Mike believes in people and understands that they make the best decisions for themselves. Mike and I agree that we need to reduce and simplify government regulation and prevent the state government from blocking small business enterprise with rolls of red tape. In my experience as a local banker, I work with small business owners every day and know that we can do much more for them, with Mike Dunafon as Governor, and me serving as his Lt. Governor,” Roberts added. Her goal as Lt. Governor is to “create a vibrant business community” across Colorado.

Roberts smiling

Robin J. Roberts has been in the banking industry for eighteen years and has been the President of Pikes Peak National Bank in Colorado Springs since 2003. Robin believes that when small businesses are successful, it creates a thriving economy from which we all benefit. To that end, she volunteers her time to help educate and connect small business owners through the resources provided in communities throughout the state of Colorado. Click here to watch Mike introduce his Lt. Governor running mate, Robin J. Roberts.