The Trap Remix – Mike Dunafon ft. Wyclef and Snoop Dogg

A message from Mike Dunafon, Wyclef,
& Snoop Dogg


“The Trap” is a metaphor for our false set of political choices.

If you’re sick of party politics, and you want to get the money out, an independent governor is our best choice for Colorado. 

Mike Dunafon is running without party affiliations, and is not taking ANY corporate contributions.

He stands firm on the following issues:

  • More Individual Liberty
  • Less Government Regulation & Surveillance
  • More Support for our Veterans
  • An End to the War on Hemp
  • Protection the 2nd Amendment
  • Private Property, Commercial Liberty
  • Marital Equality for ALL
  • Women control their bodies
  • Local Control of Education
  • Release Non-Violent Drug Offenders
  • Critical Thinking
  • Independent Leadership
  • Liberty & Freedom for all Coloradans

This November, Colorado has a choice to put party games aside.

Let’s Escape The Trap, Colorado.