Make History Nov 4th!

The Democrat and Republican gubernatorial candidates, and their bevy of corporate sponsors, will be spending millions to trick you into voting for more of the same nonsense.

We will not compete with them in terms of buying heaps of annoying TV ads. We don’t believe that the challenges facing Colorado can be solved in 30-second sound bites!

Here’s what YOU can do to make this happen!

Since Mike won’t accept any money, the best way to help restore liberty to Colorado is to volunteer to help him online and on the ground. We need concerned citizens in EVERY district to do the following:

  • Join our community on Facebook and Twitter to share and comment on on Mike’s posts
  • Purchase lawn signs, t shirts, bumper stickers and other products in our online store
  • Print out, display and distribute our campaign materials from your home, place of business and at local events.
    • Download our Lawn Sign or t shirt logo
    • Download bumper stickers
  • Download the Official Dunafon for Governor Kit
  • Sign-up as a campaign Liberty Volunteer below


Our Field Director is available to make sure you get all the local event support you need around the State. We need hundreds of liberty-minded volunteers in every county across the State of Colorado to sign-up to walk neighborhoods in October . Please e-mail for event and/or local campaign support and other resources.